Wednesday, November 23, 2011

A Rainy Day Door

Yesterday my mother called to tell me that she saw a neat, vintage door sitting out for trash. Unfortunately it was almost dark out and was raining and had been raining steadily all day. I thought I'd wait until the next morning to check it out. If it's gone, oh well, my loss. Well, that mindset didn't last long. My curiosity got the best of me and I kept thinking "what if it was REALLY COOL and I missed out on it?"

So, I quickly got myself pulled together, headed out the door and was driving through a steady rain, hoping to find the door before dark. Sure enough, there is was. I was elated when I pulled up and saw it. It was perfect! Exactly what I have been seeking for the past few months at the local antique shop. Had this been there, I would have purchased it.

As much as I talk about others finding great items out for trash, it's nice that I got to partake of somebody's discard for a change. Well, thanks to my mom and her watchful eye actually.

Great Hardware

So I'm thinking of repurposing it as a console table. Vintage table legs or banister rungs may make up the legs, or even old galvanized or other type of tube pipe for an industrial look that relates to the old hardware on the door. However I was even considering attaching it to the wall via its hinges and suspending the opposite side with old, rusty chain in the manner of a drawbridge for a castle. A suspended table. Sounds like a neat project. We'll see how this ends up.

Perfect Rusty Patina

Right now it is drying nicely in my basement with the dehumidifier, furnace heat and a fan upon it.  Stay-tuned to see what becomes of my rainy day door.

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  1. SO nice!!! Excellent find!

  2. Looks amazing, finds like this are so exciting. A lovely dated piece of "Days gone by". I'm sure with all of your creative ideas this vintage door will be transformed into something exciting. Looking forward to your new challenge & what it will yield! Always keep your eyes open, you never know what treasures will be found, thanks Frugal:)


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