Thursday, November 10, 2011

Thrifty Thursday Finds!

I had to make a run to the local post office this morning and luckily for me, there is a thrift store across the street which I like to visit occasionally. Now, it's best that I DON'T visit too often because i always end up spending money on things I don't need but then again, who can turn down a great bargain?

I actually stopped in to look for some old doors of any type that I could possibly repurpose as "cabinet doors" for a tall IKEA shelf unit. (I will come up with something so stay tuned for that project!)

Anyways, I'm a glass 'n pottery nut so always check out the store's latest stash in an attempt to find some hidden goodies. I found one of each almost instantly.

A $5.00 heavy glass bowl. I can tell this is an older piece simply by its weight. I will have to do a little research to see if I can identify it. If you can recognize it, leave a comment.

I also found this unmarked piece, possibly a McCoy or Brush pottery. I can rarely resist any McCoy piece and add to that, the green color (my favorite) and I'm hooked. I also realized when I got home that it was an appropriate decor piece for the month; a cornucopia for Thanksgiving. I guess I'll give some "thanks" to the price I paid . . . $1.99.

Anyway, I found a quick home for the pottery piece and the bowl will be making an appearance during the upcoming Winter holiday season, so again . . . stay tuned.

Quick Tip: If you purchase any old glass or pottery pieces that have a film or haze (more noticeably on glass)that won't wash off with mild dish detergent, rub over the "dirty" areas with acetone on a cotton-ball and then re-wash with mild detergent if you so choose. This helps give the glass a more "crystal-clear" finish. It helps remove paint or ink marks too.

Hope you all are having a fantastic, "Thrifty Thursday".


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