Friday, November 11, 2011

More Vintage Tool Decor

Well, I just seem to be adding to my vintage tool decor collection lately. I'll admit it, I love Restoration Hardware, their styling and their accent pieces but their prices aren't so "likeable". I often look to them for inspiration but really enjoy recreating the look in my own way . . . the frugal way!

And the collection grows.  Weathered woods and rusty patinas galore!

I got into the steam-punk style while perusing my 2011 R.H. source book and found the old flywheel seen on the console table to introduce that style to this room. R.H. utilizes a lot of industrial elements such as weathered metals and woods, something I too enjoy incorporating in my rooms.

While out yesterday I stopped at the local thrift store (see my previous post) and found a VERY COOL vintage ax. This thing is very heavy. You should see the head of it in person. I felt a bit like a crazed-murderer lugging it around the thrift store and wondered what was going through the minds of other shoppers. I eventually asked to sit it behind the counter as I didn't want to frighten off any of the patrons . . . or was it because my arm was getting tired?

Well, you'll be a little dumbfounded at the price. This place is a bit inconsistent in it's pricing, but whatever. I know I've overpaid for some things before that I really wanted. Anyway, "my ax" was a whopping $1.00! Can you believe that?

I'm still digging my Pottery Barn inspired vise "book clamp".

So, I'm not sure where I'm putting it. I had it leaning with my other vintage pieces at the milk can as see in the first shot but then placed it on the console table and am really enjoying the overall look of this grouping. Should it stay on the console or go back in the corner?   I actually like it in both locations so I guess I'm on a mission for another vintage ax!

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  1. Ok, nice look, really like rusted implements; great old axe ties right into that special view. I'll have to hire/consult you for thrifty shopping spree's especially for like items. Love checking out your sites, always looking for updated pages. Good info!!


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