Monday, November 14, 2011

Burlap Coffee Sacks

I've been on a hunt for some burlap coffee sacks locally for awhile and finally happened upon quite a few at the town antique shop.  One of the vendors had about eight sacks with different printing, logos and types of burlap.  I must admit, I "hemmed 'n hawed" for quite awhile with them placed upon the floor, trying to determine which one I liked most.  Some were a tighter woven burlap, some looked too new for my liking and some were a bit too ratty.  However, I did find one that had some character, a simple block-text print, a thicker burlap, and without any logos or excess colored print.  Each one was $5.00 which I thought was quite reasonable.  I'll be back for more.

Dark indigo/teal, block text provides nice contrast to the natural burlap

I've been wanting to incorporate one (or more) for quite some time into my home.  I thought of using one as rustic table runner, cutting them down to use as decorative pillow cases or framing them and hanging them in my kitchen as art.  As it so happens, I'm soon going to be working on a new project of creating some cabinet doors for some of my shelving.  I decided I'm going to use this burlap as a decorative front for the doors I create.  I'll be cutting it down to fit.  In the meantime, I have it folded and placed over a small accent chair and am kind of liking the look.  Guess I know where the 2nd one I purchase will be going.

I also purchased that neat, dried gourd at the shop and really like its muted color and character. Read about the simple, Autumn inspired pillow shown above.

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