Thursday, February 27, 2014

Driftwood Floating Shelf

We'll call this a driftwood floating shelf, but it's not the typical driftwood that comes to mind.  A nature walk led me to this rustic relic, almost as though it was begging to be discovered and reused in a new, clever manner.

A weathered wooden beam found washed up along a river's edge gets a new use.

I have found and brought home many wonderful pieces of natural driftwood over the years.  In fact, I have some huge pieces in storage that I've yet to use.  If you walk around my home, you'll find various shapes and sizes propped up in corners and even placed upon tabletops as sculptural artist centerpieces.  I have a love for driftwood, there's no denying it.

From time to time, I find actual "man-made" hewn pieces like this - perfect for rustic furniture, fireplace mantels, or other repurpose projects. In fact, this piece got its first use in my home as a decorative doorway lintel!

Rustic driftwood beam used as decorative lintel over an interior doorway.

Despite loving the above look, I really wanted to try my hand at creating a floating shelf.  It wasn't tough; it just required an hour or so of time and the correct hardware.  A nice, simple project that yielded a great look!

This rustic beam works perfectly as a ledge for artwork!

The piece currently resides as the shelf seen above; however, I must confess missing it over that doorway.  I wonder if I'd be lucky enough to happen upon its twin on my next nature walk?  Let's hope for the best!

To see closer views of this piece and to read about the hardware I used to hang it, visit my page on Floating Shelf Ideas!

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