Sunday, July 28, 2013

Easy Poster Frame Art Ideas

The offices where I work have different colored accent walls.  A bright limey green, a dull medium blue, and a peachy-orange.  I ended up with peachy-orange.  I've been staring at this orange wall for almost a year now. In fact, the wall they painted as the accent was the wrong wall in my opinion.  You do not see it when you walk into the room.  Instead, you see the other surrounding plain off-white walls, devoid of art and interest.

I've neglected to repaint it (yes, we can choose one of the other colors and paint it ourselves if we want to). Everybody tells me I need to put something up!  So, I finally decided to resolve this "problem" with some artwork. Seeing as I mildly dislike painting even the walls of my own home, I really did not feel the need to undertake that task at work.

A few months ago, one of my co-workers received a gift that had lots of bright orange tissue paper inside. She was in the process of disposing of the wrappings and paper and I said "Oh wait, I can reuse that!"  I took the orange tissue paper home, knowing I would use it somehow to create complimentary artwork for my orange-accented office.

And here it is!
Simple artwork #1
I have numerous old poster frames from when I was in high school.  Yes, they are VERY OLD! They were probably only around $5.00 back then.  Now, you can get similar poster frames with much nicer slide on edges and borders of thicker and chunkier dimensions, making them look a bit more expensive and grand. However, I'm quite pleased with the end result of this project and saved some bucks by not "spluring" on the newer frame types. 

Some $0.69 poster board creates the white background for these piece.  A leftover piece of black poster board from a previous project creates the next insert which I simply have taped into place, and finally, some prints (copies) I had made on gloss paper of pen/ink art I had done last year. Lest we forget the reuse of the orange accent tissue paper . . . I crinkled it into a ball and then carefully smoothed it back out, folding it into a long narrow band which I wrapped around the backer-board of the poster frame (a 20" x 28") and taped to the backside.  

Here is the other one!
Simple artwork #2
I actually put this one together first (despite my caption naming and presentation order).  This poster frame is actually larger than the other (24" x 36"), so it took (2) pieces of black poster board to create the background color.  Once I had those two pieces cut to size and meeting in the center, I taped them in place. Next, I crinkled up the tissue paper, smoothed it out, and folded it into wide bands.  I figured out my spacing, wrapped them over the backer-board of the poster frame and taped them in place.  More artwork I had done last year was printed out on heavy-stock paper, positioned, and taped into place.  I really like the graphic boldness of this piece.  I may actually hang this one horizontally.  That's the nice thing about this artwork - it can hang in any orientation.  

I can't wait to hang this art at work tomorrow morning.  It will be nice to finally pull that orange accent color to the other side of the room through the use of this artwork.  I really think it will give the room a whole new feel and the unity it currently lacks.  

Here are some of the "before" stages of this art:  

The poster frame (wooden backer-board, plexiglass front
and press-on black plastic frame pieces)

Black and white poster board ($0.69 at Dollar Tree) and
leftover/salvaged orange tissue paper (use any color you like!)

Crinkled and foiled tissue paper spacing being determined (a nice accenting element
which provides a color pop and some texture/interest to the final art piece.

Each of these completed pieces cost less than $10.00!  Not bad for some custom art!  You can create art like this easily.  You don't even have to make your own graphic images.  You can purchase paper (by the piece) with graphic designs at Michael's to create a similarly styled look and effect. 

 Now, have some fun and keep it under $10!   :-)

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Bottles & Burlap & Baskets (oh my) - My Thrifty Finds

A few weekends ago, I visited Tollbooth Antique Market.  I saw LOTS of items I wanted but left with one reasonably priced amber bottle.  My collection of amber bottles is growing and I'm probably done for a while.  I must say, the size of this one grabbed my attention and of course, I could not leave it behind.  It stands near 14.5 inches tall.  I had never seen one with such height before.  For 10 bucks, it was coming home with me.

The smaller one, which my mother found and gave me, is a pretty nice size too.
It looks dwarfed beside my "new" super-tall find!

I'm not sure if I shared these finds before, but I was at an antique tractor show late last fall and scored the below two items.  The amber bottle is very unique and looks handmade.  It has unique flaws (such as a slightly bent neck) and plenty of etching and bubbles in the glass.  It even has a totally flat bottom which I thought was interesting.  It stands tall too (at 13 inches). For a mere $3.00, I grabbed it!  The old block n pulley (I've been wanting one of these for ages) was a reasonable $8.00 if I recall.  Not bad for some cool vintage finds!

Old wood, metal and glass; my favorite elements!

After leaving the TollgateAntique Market, I visited another small-town thrift shop in Red Lion, PA called Treasure Trove.  It's definitely more "thrift" than "antique" but every now and then you can find some great items, such as this old metal (zinc) basket.  The lady who owns the place told me it was an egg basket. I wasn't sure if it truly was, but we'll go with that.  I loved its industrial look and knew it could have many uses. With a $2.00 price tag, I claimed my price!

My industrial bin/basket.

Now, it didn't have that handle, but I thought it needed one.  Seeing as I was told it was an egg basket, I figured "why not?"  Seems more "basketly" with a handle.  I have this older plastic trash pail that I use outdoors to collect leaves and debris as I go around the property.  It's been falling apart after many years of hard use and this metal handle recently popped off.  I figured I could find a new use for it - - - AND I DID!

My first use for the basket?  Towel storage & display!

And here is one more item I got months ago but never shared: a burlap sack.  I have two now and use them in similar ways.  I always look for ones with unique lettering and text.  I like how it breaks up all the black of my big sofa by being thrown over the center cushion.  It helps the sofa tie in with the vintage wooden elements dotted throughout the space.

Burlap sack as simple throw.
Lots of vintage elements for an industrial look.

Oh, this sack was $5.00 at Hometown Antiques (aka Angie's Country Corner) in Red Lion, PA.  This place has great items, but a bit more pricy and typical of true antique vendors.  Now, my second burlap sack (below) was a mere $1.50 at one of our Restore York stores (part of Habitat for Humanity).  I actually prefer it to the more "expensive" one because I love the large block lettering and numbers across the center.

Old burlap sack laying over a couch cushion.

Here you see how the black font on the burlap ties in nicely with the
black accent wall and black crate coffeetable in my office space. 
Anyway, that's it for now.  I'm running out of room for my vintage finds!  
Until next time, happy treasure hunting!

Thursday, July 4, 2013

My Day at Tollbooth Antique Market

I finally decided to venture over to Columbia, PA to check out the Tollbooth Antique Market.  Numerous folks have told me how great it was and that has gotten better organized.  I was told it had two levels and was inside an old warehouse - (enticing combination) - I envisioned "miles" of vintage finds before my eyes . . . I wasn't disappointed.

 What Did I See?

These could definitely fit among the "objects" of  the Restoration Hardware catalog. 
I'd prop them both in a corner similarly to how they were placed here.
I forget exactly what these were called on the ticket - perhaps factory pulleys of some sort.
I think I need both of them!

Lots of old shutters (solid, paneled, louvered) - what I could do with some of these items!

Stained glass windows . . . I favored this arched one.
The chippy green chair would be great somewhere on my property too!

I love plain ole paneled windows like these.  I've seen them repurposed in so many clever ways.
I'd hang this one with eye-hooks and chain in front of a large picture window.
See these Repurposed Old Window Ideas 

I loved this old door.  It was some odd creamy/light green color with the old plate hardware (minus  knob).
Perfect as a table, hung as art, or hinged to other similar doors to create an indoor or outdoor divider.
(I know folks who would grab that little desk too!)

I LOVE these old pallet carts.  They are quite popular as industrial coffeetables.
I think I'd still consider one as such after seeing this one up close!

Imagine using these to define a dining area within your home.  Or, even using them outside in so many ways - topped with spilling/trailing plants or placed in four corners of a patio as the base for a pergola.

This old bench/pew was super high off the ground.  I loved its "grand stature."  I'd replace my formal living room sofa (since nobody sits on it) with this.  Just add a few cotton and burlap pillows for a relaxed, casual, shabby look!

I could easily spend a thousand bucks in this place!!!  
(the prices were not bad at all - some were crazy reasonable!)
I was somewhat salivating at all that lay before my eyes!

A neat cubby-shelf.  I know many of you like these things.
Not sure how I'd use it in my current home but thought it was very cool!

I LOVE ME SOME VINTAGE BOTTLES! These big ole glass carboys were reasonably priced.
I purchased a smaller amber bottle which I'll post about later.

Lots and lots of old soda crates.  I know many of you enjoy repurposing these as well!

I went back to this trunk at least 4 times but left without it cuz I'm simply running out of room.  So sad!
This old military wooden trunk was in a flat, faded gray color and had block-stamped identification of  its previous owner.  I envisioned it on tall legs to create a bar height kitchen table or even on short legs to use as a coffeetable.  It had a nice, low-profile height . . . oh, and old leather strap handles!!!  Hmmm, if it's there next time . . . 

Another great ole low-profile trunk and lots of vintage graniteware strewn throughout the place.

Great color and character!

Columbia, PA right off the old Rt. 462 bridge from Wrightsville.
I had a great time and browsed for a good 2 hours or more (I could spend a day in there).  They have a little cafe area with homemade baked good and beverages too.  The people were very friendly and I'd definitely recommend the place.  There were lots of smaller vintage items too but if you know me, you know I'm drawn to certain industrial/rustic elements (glass bottles, rusty hardware and tools, old doors and windows, etc) and I found lots of them here . . .more than I've ever found at any single place in this area.  

I've seen other blogger friends discussing antique markets in their areas and I've always been envious.  Now, I finally have a local place of "my own." Check it out if you're in the area!  

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