Saturday, June 8, 2013

Reclaimed Barn Beam Bench

I finally got around to creating my reclaimed barn beam bench.  Truth is, I kind of settled on this as a temporary solution while determining exactly how to use this beam.  The result was a bit better than I had planned (at least in my eyes), so it may be pulling duty as a bench/console table for some time.

My step-father was lucky enough to happen upon someone tearing down a barn and disposing of the wood. He collected many wonderful pieces, this being one of them.  When I saw the chunky thickness of the piece, many ideas flooded my head: bar, coffeetable, bench, fireplace mantle.  Thankfully, the piece was given to me so I could experiment with my many ideas.  The long piece even looked neat propped-up in the corner of a room for a short while.

Vintage Salt Glazed Pottery

The nice thing about this project was the ease of its construction.  It's simply a vintage barn beam on supports. Coming up with ideas for legs or a base was problematic at first, but I'm pleased with what I found for this purpose.  Of course, the perfect accessories pulled the entire look together and the lower height and narrowness of the piece opened up the space.

View more images and learn more about this 
simple, reclaimed barn wood bench.

If you liked this project, read about my chippy paint rustic shelf (shown below) 
made of discarded barn siding found in a wooded area! A tutorial for this shelf will be coming soon!

Chippy Paint Rustic Barn Wood Shelf

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