Thursday, December 12, 2013

Snowflake Tree on a Budget

LET IT SNOW, said the snowflake tree!!!

Clear acrylic snowflake and icicle ornaments light up and twinkle amid the glow of miniature string lights.

You never know when the mood is going to strike you to go in a different design direction with your holiday tree.  I don't know how many sets of ornaments I have for specific color and theme trees but it's a lot.  The fun thing is creatively mixing and matching and pulling from those not used for years to create a whole new look.

The cost of all new decor can add up quickly, especially if you like throwing in those special, more elaborate pieces.  Seeing as I wasn't up to spending much money on even more decorations, I began pulling out pieces from years past.  Some haven't been used in over 10 years and it was neat to see a theme (so to speak) start taking place.

Little frosted baubles and specialty lighting wrapped in spheres of silver wire, both from Target . . . icicle ornaments used on various trees . . . homemade wire and gem ornaments I made two years ago.  Yes, I was starting to see a design direction develop in color and them.  I knew what I wanted with my icicles . . . SNOWFLAKES!

In frosty iridescence, these snowflake ornaments were a bargain purchase at Dollar Tree!

Yes, snowflakes.  It's been done a million times before but it's always special when you do something "new" to you.  I remembered seeing a few large plastic snowflake ornaments at Dollar Tree so decided to check out their larger store closer to the city.  Wow, they had a whole little section of snowflake ornaments and related items.  For under 10 bucks I hauled home a boatload of snowflake stuff.  Big and small, clear and shimmering, dangling and setting within branches.  Everything came together nicely (and thanks to my mom for some of her former jeweled and crystal drop elements that she was no longer using - they added to the icy aura of the tree.

So, don't spend a ton on tree decor.  Check out the items at Dollar Tree or other dollar stores and use them as fillers or even pieces to showcase.  A mix of new and old can create a whole new look year after year!

A grand ornament that was given as a gift last year seems a fitting topper for my snowflake tree
with it's snowflake-like design, silver-metallic color and inset crystal-like elements.

See more of my Snowflake Tree at Frugal Interior Design!

I had fun using something unconventional as the tree base: A giant SPRING!
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