Monday, October 24, 2011

Simple Autumn-Inspired Pillows

While outside sweeping up leaves, I happened upon a nice, large oak leaf.  Often if I find a nice leaf I will bring it indoors to use in an arrangement for the holidays.  Perhaps frame it, place a few together on top of a book on the coffeetable, etc.  The uses are limitless.

For whatever reason, I immediately thought it would be a quick, festive addition to a few of my throw pillows.  I at first had simply tied the leaf on with a piece of jute twine.  I liked that minimalist look quite a bit.  I ended up experimenting with the ends of the jute twine to give them a bit more interest.  In keeping with the organic appeal and season, I chose to hot-glue some small pine cones and a few other dried berry elements found in some old potpourri.  I also went outside and found a small oak branch bundle and broke off a few of the tips where the acorns normally would grow.  They look like small twigs with a bud at the end.  All of the elements combined created a nice decorative touch.  If you decide to do something similar, look around at all the neat seasonal items you can apply to the ends of your jute twine.  Keep some of the pillows with plain jute twine (no embellishments) so as to achieve a more casual, less complicated look.  You could also experiment with hot-gluing leaves of different size or style on top of each other.  Just place a small dab or two on the back and  stick them together.  I may elect to do this and then tie it up with the plain jute.  A nice variation of theme.

Most of all, have fun!

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