Thursday, October 13, 2011

Bottles, Bottles, Bottles

I have a thing for old bottles;  all types, shapes, sizes, colors.  Clear glass ones with the "haze of age" are very cool.  Deep amber-colored ones are a favorite as well.  Mixing them with old, rusty implements and weathered-wood items really produces a cohesive, yet casually-comfortable look.  One that you can not replicate with newly manufactured items.

While walking through a small pine forest, gathering pine cones for autumn decorating, I stepped on a small bottle half buried in the soft, loamy soil.  I pulled it out and was impressed by its rich, earthy color; highly appropriate for Autumn and especially my bathroom.  Upon further investigation I saw it was a Pabst Blue Ribbon beer bottle.  Now I don't know if Pabst still produces beer in these bottles (I'm hoping not as that makes it all the more special) but I figured despite the bottle's original purpose, the shape and color were worthy of becoming new decor.

So, what do you think?  This bathroom has lots of rust colors with terracotta-colored accented tiles.  I love the size and shape, especially paired with the once lone, vintage medicinal bottle of the same color.  Carefully fashion custom corks to fit from wine bottle corks for a more authentic, rustic look.  I think the "beer reference" would be lost to anyone viewing this bottle now.  Nothing like free finds that incorporate so well with your personal design aesthetic.  Here's hoping you stubble upon some neat bottles while you too are digging around for pine cones!

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  1. I'm an "Old" bottle lover too. Find a lot on my property. They look good on display and make me wonder about their history & once used contents, from days gone by. An inexpensive way to make a statement in the appropriate setting!


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