Sunday, October 16, 2011

My $2.50 Yard Sale Find!

Yesterday I stopped by a community "yard" sale being held inside an old abandoned building.  I saw a few items of interest but not as much as I was hoping.  Probably all for the best.  I really don't need anything else but I can never resist an old, vintage implement of some sort.  I happened upon this one.  Any idea what it is?  Perhaps something for a horse drawn wagon?  Whatever the case, it is a REPURPOSE item for home decor now.

I love the weathered wood and rusty chain.

Its current, new home - a top a vintage, wooden chest.

A view showing some of the other vintage pieces I have compiled in this room.
As you can see, other rusty and weathered-wooden pieces dot the space.

Do you like to repurpose found items or bring new life to old discards?  Visit my page on green decorating to see some of the other unique looks I've established for little cost!

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