Friday, October 14, 2011

Classy Pumpkin Ideas

Perhaps Jack-O-Lanterns are your style or perhaps simple, unaltered, festive pumpkins sitting down your front porch steps strikes your fancy.  Regardless of whether you go fun, fancy or somewhere in between, it's always interesting to see design ideas developed by others.  In this instance, engraving pumpkins.  Look at this incredible, yet simplistic design.  I love how the inner orange color contrasts so sharply against this pumpkin's unique, green skin!

Photo courtesy Jill Kirchner Simpson,

The idea is to match your pumpkin to your patterns and other design motifs found in your home;  in this case, the plate upon which the pumpkin sits.  I was impressed with many of the engraved/embossed pumpkins shown.  

A linoleum-cutting tool set, quoted at less than $10.00 at many art stores created this look.  Hmmmm, I'm suddenly feeling the urge to purchase a set to give my hand a try at this.  As always, use extreme caution when working with knives or any other sharp object as you design your pumpkins or carve those jack-o-lanterns!  I found this Linoleum Cutter Tool Set at Amazon for under $15.00.

Don't forget the "cutting the pumpkin open at the bottom" trick instead of creating a lid if you decide to fully clean and illuminate one of your designs.  I have never gone this route but see it as a smart option to eliminate the shrinking, "caving-in" lid that often develops.

Do you have some clever pumpkin decorating ideas of your own?  Share them!


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