Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Empty Candle Jars For Frugal Fall Decor

 Empty glass candle jars are great items to reuse and repurpose for home decor.  I have mentioned many ways I've reused them before throughout the frugal website.  I recently stopped at Dollar Tree to pick up a few frugal decor accessories and was amazed at some of the things I found.

Some neat finds for a dollar.  I was especially impressed
with the moss roll which I have not used yet.  

I immediately knew the perfect container for many of these items would be some glass jars.  I had two old candle jars that I have been saving.  They however were not yet cleaned.  Do the following to help with your candle jar clean-out process.  Place your jars in the freezer.  I actually left mine in for about 5 days as this project kept getting pushed back further and further.  The wax will become brittle in most cases as any moisture within it freezes.  Once removed, cautiously break up the wax with a sturdy butter knife.  It's best to press down into the wax while the candle jar is on a secure and sturdy surface, such as wooden butcher block for instance.  It should pop out fairly easy in smaller pieces.  Tip:  You can save your old candle wax and melt it down and use old cookie presses to make wax molds for decorative purposes.  The wax can also just be simmered on a stovetop for a lovely light fragrance on a cold day - "Thanks for the "REUSE" ideas Mom." 

Jars Removed From Freezer

Cutting Out The Wax

Saving The Wax For Another Use (in an empty, clean, tuna can)

The Clean Jars, Ready To Go

You may also want to pop off the plastic lid retainer if you elect to use the lids.  It provides a cleaner, less "ex-candle jar" look.  Use EXTREME caution when removing them.  Slide a butter knife or wide-end, flat screw driver between the plastic ring and the glass and slowly pry it upward.  You can also slightly turn your tool in a circular fashion to start slowly lifting the plastic from the base.  This is a safer method and one I would recommend.  They sometimes come off very easy and other times may be problematic.  Please take your time.

Now clean your jar.  I first use a dry papertowel to remove any black creosote-type residue from around the inside of the jar.  Then use an old scubbie sponge with some dish detergent and warm-to-hot water to clean out the inside of the jar. ( I have a few old sponges dedicated for craft project clean-ups such as this.)

Allow the jar to dry and I suggest wiping the inside with a dry papertowel again.  The rough surface will help remove any waxy streaks you may have missed with the sponge.

Next, fill the jar with your chosen materials.  I used my Dollar Tree finds.  You could also fill them with birdseed, sunflower seeds with the shell, lentils, acorns, mixed nuts, various outdoor seed pods, various found tree nuts, found Pine, colorful tree leaves, long Fir Pine needles (I'm doing this as some of mine Firs have recently shed a  nice amount of needles in a burnt yellow-orange "Fall" color.)

Dollar Tree gourds, moss and Pine cones fill the large jars.
Small, fallen, colorful leaves fill the small jar.

Placed Upon The Coffee-table

Flat-bottom Pine cones placed on top of the lids as
Decorative Fall Finials

So, what do you think?  A pretty good "variation of theme" table display for a mere $4.00.  The jars could be considered free since they were repurposed from their initial use.  Do you have other ways to fill your candle jars?  Tell me about it!  It could be for other seasons or other home uses too! Visit my page on fall crafts for more, easy and frugal ideas.

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  7. Great Tips. I have some old candle jars I should reuse.

  8. Good idea. I was wondering how I could get the leftover wax out to reuse my old candle jars. :)

  9. @Lyndsey

    Hi Lyndsey. Yes, give it a try and thanks for joining!


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