Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Branch Arch Entry and Snow for Halloween!

Well it's been a rather interesting few days here in Pennsylvania. A freak snowfall created havoc for most of the area and of course around the property. Numerous trees fell (in safe spots thankfully) however one, large tree did manage to fall right across the entire road which is a bit scary to think about.

Numerous shrubs and decorative trees couldn't bear the weight of the heavy snow and succumbed, flattened and broken beyond "repair". My favorite crepe myrtle which I beamed about a few months back in one of my posts, split apart like a toothpick. Saturday evening the power went out and it was a cold night. It came back up surprisingly early around noon the next day, (compared to the 5 days it was out during hurricane Lee) however others nearby are still without power.

Sunday involved cutting many of the damaged shrubs way back. The property looks so open and I miss all the interest it had. Two large mulberry trees also fell and will surely be missed as they anchored the property so nicely. I have quite a bit of clean-up to do and will be getting on with it shortly. I did however want to share a small change I did amid the wreckage.

Guardians Standing Post At The Front Entry

The Lions Have Decided To Hibernate This Winter

I decided to take my entry beasts down.  The right one needs some repair and I knew one more Winter of freezing temps may do it in.  I took them down and replaced them with some colorful mums in the old concrete planters I used to have in their place.  I'm liking this "reverted look" again.  The large branch was a spur of the moment idea.  Adjacent to this location I had that branch standing upright from an old, hollowed tree stump with wild clematis growing all over it.  The snow weight brought the whole ensemble over.  I was going to toss the branch out of frustration but it is just too neat to not use some how.  I really love the way it heads my stone entry now.  I've since added another unique, smaller section to the center of that limb that is triangle shaped to make a keystone of sorts.  I have it jute-twined on.  Perhaps I'll snap a photo of it at some point.  For now I want the snow to melt and Autumn to return (what's left of it).

It was a bit sad to see children trick-or-treating last night in the snow; sidewalks not shoveled yet and just dangerous conditions, plus it was a bit cold.  Definitely a Halloween to remember! (or perhaps one I'd like to forget)


  1. Nice touch to the stone entry, using the large branch makes a nice statement. Snow and festive autumn colors...when will that happen again!! Planter's look great, rest well Lion's.

  2. @Anonymous

    Thank you. I don't want to see snow this early again ever! But it does look neat in the background.


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