Thursday, November 17, 2011

Recycle EVIL Bags

I find plastic shopping bags to be abhorrent creations.  Convenience always seems to "trump" responsibility in this world anymore.  I find nothing more depressing than seeing one of these bags caught on a bare tree branch in the Fall.  Last year, one blew WAY UP high (like 50-60 feet) and got caught in the upper branches of a tall Oak tree behind my property.  I got to listen to it flapping and creating horrible noise all Winter long when the wind blew.  In fact, the first time I heard it was at nighttime, in the pitch dark, while standing on my back deck.  It scared the "be-jesus" outta me.  I thought some alien creature was swooping down upon my head.

I was so happy to see a responsible vendor, Weis, a grocery store chain, promoting this clever phrase on their bag - "Unmistakably Recyclable".  Hopefully it helps bring awareness to a few people who have yet to start recycling these suckers.

Speaking of recycling, I was getting ready to empty the contents of my paper shredder and thought of how great these paper shreds would be for holiday packing and shipping material.  I even began clumping it together in my hand, forming balls.  I began thinking of snowballs.  Hmmm, a potential, creative, holiday project may ensue.

Future Holiday Ornament Material?

So in light of all the "green" awareness lately, please recycle your plastic bags.  There are drop-off locations at most major department and grocery stores . . . (aka the source of the problem)

Oh and I forgot to mention, I got this bag as a "recycled" one when I bought a few items at the local thrift store recently.  At least they are being recycled in that manner (reused).


  1. Great idea for shredded paper, packing material, good idea for another recycling option. Never would have thought of that! Also comenting on the burlap bag usage. I have a Vintage Bag from our local feed store, you've given me some ideas, I'll have to dig it out & display its vintage qualities..thanks for your work. Love to follow all the sites :)


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