Sunday, November 6, 2011

It's Official, The HOLIDAY SEASON has Arrived!

A few other bloggers have recently mentioned seeing holiday displays at major retailers. Yes, I noticed that myself a week or so back. I guess it didn't sink in until yesterday when my mail arrived containing a holiday catalog from Pier 1. Oh, that and a dreadful, Walmart commercial which I saw last night that will most likely have me cursing at the television once December DOES actually arrive.  (We did just talk about pumpkin carving recently, no?)

I guess the retailers want to get us thinking far enough in advance. I believe it is aimed at procrastinators such as myself, as though to say "Well, we gave you fair warning John. It's not our fault you are running around at 2:30 a.m. on Dec. 23rd among throngs of petrified and pushy shoppers."

So, due to my lackadaisical approach at getting a jump-start on the holiday "gift-getting", I instead tend to peruse the pretty pictures in the catalogs and say to myself "Oh, that's cool, and OOooo, look at that!"

Happy PRE-Holiday Shopping ALL!

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  1. Old Crystal pieces could yield to lovely decorations, an imagination is all you need the possibilities are endless. Keep the ideas coming. Love to read the site + Blog :)


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