Monday, December 5, 2011

Outdoor Holiday Decor Continued

Well, I know at some point back in Autumn when I created my "porch art" for my front entry I mentioned I would keep it up until the holidays.  My set of three Alpine artificial trees typically are placed in this location. However I really like the look of this display and once I began adding a bit of greenery to it (just to experiment), I knew it was a keeper.  Besides, it's nice to change things up a bit each year.

My grapevine branch and stone art gets a holiday makeover with the addition of a huge bundle of woven grapevine at the base (to replace the "wreath of leaves") and fresh clippings of Leyland Cypress and various other Pines.  Some miniature white lights were also added for nighttime ambiance and shimmer.

I enjoy using free items from nature when decorating, especially during this season.  It just seems so fitting to combine the colors of brown grapevine and the bright greens of pine with clipping of other shrubs with red/orange hued leaves or berries.

Some leftover pieces of thick grapevine were cut into "log-like" piece, tied up with some twine and placed upon a green leafy bed of Leyland Cypress.  I really like the soft, webbed feature of the Cypress as an alternative to Pine "needles".

I was trying to come up with a solution for a "trouble spot" on my porch . . . the outlet.  I have an outdoor lighting timer and numerous plugs running into this outlet in a rather visible spot.  Throughout the year I have an inverted planter over the mess of cords and timers.  This of course is easily hidden with lots of planters during the warmer months.  In the Winter, I have to get more creative.  I wanted to place greens on top of the inverted planter but in what?  I didn't want it to look too odd or intentional.  I was looking for an old rusty bucket to fill with greens and set on top but alas I have none (note to self, "look for old rusty pails at the antique shop").  I stopped by the local flea market looking for solutions and saw an old plant hanger there (the kind you place coco-shell liners in for hanging baskets.)  Heck, I have one of those at home.  I left without that one and pulled mine out of storage, still with it's coco-shell and leftover dirt within.  I would have liked it to be a bit larger but it was adequate for its purpose or should I say, its REPURPOSE!

A repurposed hanging basket filled with various pine greenery, pine cones and bundles of tied up twigs.
Free outdoor decor!

The full ensemble of natural, free decor.  A burgundy ribbon adds just enough color to set it off and tie in with the rest of the focal areas around the property.  An old wrought iron entry mat adds some additional detail, interest and helps mask the inverted planter a bit more.

Well I promised you I would speak about the items used to create the front entry seen in the DIY Topiary Tree Project post.

All free and all-natural decor includes tree branches to span the top of the stone columns.   White pine garland, grapevine wreaths, cuttings of various pines and cypress around my property for the green, cuttings of Azalea  and Barberry for colorful leaves and stems with red berries.  Jute twine for tying it all up.  I really love the outcome this year.  The best yet!

Hopefully you are all having much success with your own decorating.  I really did some neat stuff this year indoors too so please stop back soon to check out my freely-made and "whimsily-created" weeping grapevine tree (in lieu of the typical evergreen style Christmas/Holiday tree).

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