Thursday, August 4, 2011


A planter base finds new use as an umbrella stand.
Since I love finding new ways to use old items, I thought I'd share another one of my "repurpose it" ideas.

I bought this random, cast concrete planter base from a high-end nursery years ago.  It was quite a deal because the upper portion apparently went missing or had broken.  I used it for awhile as its intended purpose but never loved the look since the replacement planter I found didn't quite match as I wanted it to.  So, I finally found a new use for it.  An umbrella base.  Yes, I didn't want one of those plain, plastic bases filled with sand that are rather dismal looking unless hidden beneath a table.  And some of the cool wrought iron bases, although heavy, are so low to the ground that they still may flip over when a strong wind gust comes along, unless supported by a table.  Since this umbrella is free standing (no added table), I needed something with a bit of heft and height (more than the flat wrought iron bases could afford).  So, "Viola", an instant umbrella base!
This thing is HEAVY.  To minimize the bottom of the umbrella pole from sliding around within the planter base, I took a plastic storage container (for food), about the size of a coffee can, cut a hole into its bottom the diameter of the umbrella pole and wedged it upside-down inside the bottom of the concrete base.  (whew, did you get all of that?)  The umbrella pole now passes through the planter AND a plastic inner container that is the same diameter which gives added stability and will help keep the umbrella upright during large wind gusts.  For some added support, I wedged random pieces of field stone down into the base around the pole.  This has been up since Spring and the umbrella, although typically closed during storms, has been left up a few times by accident with no issues.  

So, if you see something laying around your property not being used, imagine ways you can REPURPOSE IT to give it some new "life".


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