Friday, August 19, 2011

Free Landscape Border

I recently posted about using cut sections of a tree trunk to create a border around a few of my landscape beds. Another easy idea is to use found tree branches from the woods.  I especially love finding really old pieces that have begun to hollow out and have a lot of neat characteristics to them such as moss or lichen growing on them.

I recently did a quick landscaped area behind my garage to tie it in with other areas of my property.  Free mulch from the township was also used.  I am fortunate that our township accepts tree limbs and branches once a month during the Spring and Summer which they grind down for township residence use.  Since I have such a large property with many landscaped areas and beds, the free mulch helps me build up the foundation layers which I later may cover with nicer mulch.  I'm leaving this area a bit more natural with a woodlands look.  Allowing native plants and flowers to fill in, such asiatic dayflowers.

A natural, woodland approach
Blue Asiatic Dayflower

Ajuga and Spirea will fill fill this bank with purple and pink color next year.

Another area behind the garage which I did months ago is bordered with found rocks and field stone from my property.  I also used some cool, old branches as well, to define areas and add some interest.  I transplanted some ajuga groundcover which is taking off nicely already. I always get pieces of it popping up in my gravel driveway so now they have a better home. To the right are other little guys that always grow from my gravel near their parent Spirea. These pink spireas are quite prolific. I have them everywhere and have lately begun massing them together to see if I can create entire banks of color (such as in the bed above.)

Purple/Blue Ajuga.  An excellent groundcover with wonderful colored green and red-purple leaves.

So, landscaping does not have to cost a fortune.  All of the items above were free from my property.  I'm sure you can create a similar landscaped area of your own with branches, rocks and plants found around your property.  You may even be able to get free mulch from your township or municipality.


  1. Love your view's the photo's and landscaping is lovely..great idea for FREE township mulch. Thanks for the creative idea's, keep these page's coming.

    Thanks, Frugaltree :)

  2. I agree nice informative Blog


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