Monday, August 8, 2011


What the heck is this?  

Yes, I'm sure that there is a least one person who has traveled down my road and is pondering the source of this "ring".  If I start to notice folks gathering at twilight to "make contact" I'll let you know.

The story behind this mark isn't some crazy phenomenon or message from another galaxy.  It is the result of a rather sad occurrence.  The loss of one of my trees.  The tree was a beloved one that sat atop my lower pasture beside the gazebo.  It provided lots of nice shade in a rather sunny location.  Seeing as my website and blog both use a TREE in their logo, you realize that trees in general have significant meaning and importance to me.  They are like guardians and protectors in my mind, signifying strength and shelter.  This one simply grew ill rapidly which is still a bit of mystery to me.  (yes, this would be the real mystery here)  A few windstorms and the tree slowly began leaning.  More winds had it leaning further.  In fact, this tree actually split and we severed the bad portion and left the remaining portion standing tall, only to have that last section follow the fate of the first within a few months.

Anyway, the tree was cut up and the branches were piled for a month, producing the above circle.  Our township luckily accepts tree limbs and branches once a month.  Ironically enough, the tree fell on a branch collection day but of course we could not get it cut up and hauled in time so had to wait for the following month.  I'm glad to see the pile gone but of course will miss the tree.  The tree is still a part of the property in so many ways though.  The larger diameter trunk pieces were cut into sections a little over a foot long and I used them to border some of my landscaping beds.  I prefer the natural look of this organic border as it adds a certain charm to the yard.  Although the shade this tree provided has disappeared, along with its lovely branches full of leaves, I'm happy that it is still here in a different way to help out around the property.

The "lost tree" 4 years ago (right of gazebo)
The tree in this picture, although only the lower portion visible, really makes me think of the frugal tree logo.  Was I somehow channeling this tree when I created that image?


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