Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Frugal Decor - Green Is The Way

So I've been on a "green-kick" for quite awhile.  I guess it started about a year ago.  I was first on a mission to find green depression glass pieces in plates, bowls, candy dishes, vases, candleholders, etc.  Green keeps popping up on the design sites as "cool", "contemporary" and "trendy".  I've been seeing green used wonderfully in rooms as paint accent and focal wall colors.  When you think of GREEN, you think of FRUGAL - no?  I do.

My green frugal finds keep emerging lately, as though waiting for me to happen upon them.  A quick stop at the Salvation Army, one I have not visited in a few years, had me purchasing two small McCoy planters.  One in a bright, ice green which I gifted to my mother for her kitchen that showcases the color, and also a jade green one which I kept for myself. - as though I don't have enough green, pottery pieces sitting around.  Oh well, you can always rotate your "finds" to keep things interesting and new.

Vintage McCoy Planter in Jade. 

While at a flea market this past weekend, I happened upon a Hull Pottery swan planter.  Or is it a goose?  I'm not sure. The important thing is, MORE GREENS!  This piece has a nice variation of green tones and adds a whimsy touch to a room.  I mean really, where can you find unique items like this anymore bought new?  You can't.  And you can't buy something new with such character for under $5.00 either.  Talk about frugal!

My Hull goose planter in green.  Nice colors in this whimsical piece.

I've been an advocate for flea markets, yard sales and estate sales for decor purchases as evidenced by my website.  See my page on vintage decor.  If you want to make a big statement without incurring a big charge, you need to go frugal with your decor.  You will create a unique, one-of-a-kind-space with pieces that have a history, and some sought after appeal and value.  It's a win-win.

The bright green adds a nice pop of color among this collection of salt-glazed crocks.


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