Tuesday, August 9, 2011


One of my large, rhododendrons; leaves wet from some steady rain.

Yes, I love the rain.  I'll admit it.  After MANY hazy, hot, humid days with sporadic thunderstorms producing short, rain bursts with little precipitation, it's nice to have a day of steady showers.

If you are like me, the "fun" of watering plants slowly diminishes as the season goes on.  I'm always "gung-ho" in the Spring when my first container plants have been built and hanging baskets strewn the property.  This good watering practice of course continues into the early days of Summer when watering is essential for survival.  My care seems to slowly taper however, and a "I'll get to it when I get to it" mindset takes over.

Since my watering skills have slackened, I'm always glad when the rains come to help free me of this task.  Perhaps the rain is aware that I'm busy typing blog posts and working on the website and is offering a bit of reprieve.  Regardless, "Thank You RAIN for coming today!"  Hopefully it will chase away the humidity and bring some cooling temps for awhile as well!

Raindrops reflecting light from my camera's flash.

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  1. We need the rain, and we're getting a good dose as I write. Your "Greens" look beautiful..no watering today. Thanks for updated info will be watching for more.


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