Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Refreshing Brunch Beverage - The "FOMOSA" . . . aka Faux Mimosa

The Refreshing FoMosa

Are you getting ready to have a fun-time brunch or get- together with friends and family?  Will children be present or guests who do not "drink"?  Consider the FoMosa (or Faux Mimosa).  I had some mandarin orange sparkling water and decided to top off a glass of orange juice with it.  The result was a refreshing drink reminiscent of the actual Mimosa cocktail  (minus the champagne of course).

To make the FoMosa . . . 
Enjoy with a glass 1/2 filled with chopped or crushed ice.
Fill your glass 3/4 with OJ and 1/4 with Mandarin Orange Sparkling Water (or you can mix it in equal parts for more "ZIP"!)
Stir and garnish with an orange slice or twist

For the REAL Mimosa Cocktail . . .
Add equal parts of chilled OJ and Champagne (or other sparkling white wine, although champagne is best)
in a tall champagne flute.  Stir, do not shake.  Garnished with raspberries or cherries although I like sticking with the "orange" theme personally.

This easy FoMosa recipe is sure to be a hit.  Enjoy it with breakfast or when you are craving a refreshing beverage on a hot Summer day.  

Note: Do not use Mandarin Seltzer Water.  The flavor is much different due to the "bite" of the seltzer.  For best results choose a Sparkling Water beverage.  Since Frugal Design is all about being "frugal" I've switched from Florida's Natural Orange Juice to the more economical Walmart "Great Value" brand.  Sure it tasted a bit "watered down" to me at first but now it tastes just fine or I wouldn't recommend it.  Like anything else, you get used to it.  Put that $1.00 savings toward your bottle of sparkling water for the above treat!

A nice spot to CHILL-OUT with a COOL drink!


  1. Tried this and it was delicious! Thanks for sharing!

  2. I too like it very much, also this Blog is riff with amazing cost effective idea's & suggestions. Will be checking on a daily basis. Thanks Frugal:)

  3. Correction with my post..that would be Rife with idea's not riff..and Rife is good.
    Looking forward for more!!


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