Tuesday, August 9, 2011

A Decorative Landscaping Border

A natural landscape border provides a unique look.

In light of yesterday's post, I decided to share a picture of the tree trunk border created from my lost tree.  Like I mentioned, although the tree is gone, it continues to benefit the property in a new way.  I really love the look of this border over the black bendable border used to originally define the area.  Although the black border is visible, it is a bit less noticeable as your eye is drawn to the "logs" instead.  I have placed small stones under the front of the trunk pieces to keep their weight off of the plastic border (or to keep them from rolling forward).  Excess weight pushing against plastic borders, especially on slopes such as this, can cause them to misshapen, bend or pull free from the ground.  Just a tip if you elect to do this.

I have also seen logs or large branches cut up in this manner but placed upright so that they are standing on end. Placing them side-by-side like a mini-wall, produces a cool look reminiscent of a pier and is good for a nautical theme.  Consider either idea to give your property some unique, natural flavor.  I have even seen the pier look used to define walkways to front doors or around pathways.  Another neat idea.

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