Sunday, January 8, 2012

De-Decorating Doldrums

Yesterday was an oddly warm day here in southeastern Pennsylvania. Prime opportunity to get the outdoor holiday decor taken down. While up on a ladder taking lighting off my grapevine topiary, I couldn't help but think at how much time went into making everything look so perfect and how quickly we can "undo all that was done". So many hours of work to get prepared for the holidays; undone and "wrapped up" in haste. Strands of lights placed so carefully, unwound and removed in a few minutes. Bows placed, tightened and straightened just so . . . quickly un-plucked and placed in a box. It was a somewhat bitter-sweet affair. One I'm sure many can relate to. Soon, only fallen pine needles displayed evidence of what once was.

Inside the home was a similar story. Disarray (to an extent) and bags and boxes lay littered around, awaiting their contents once again to be stored away for a year. The grapevine tree of which I was so proud, became dry and droopy. The piece I thought would be an accent in the corner year-round was decidedly moved outdoors. Things got packed away. Once vibrant greenery of Pine and Juniper now lay wilted, frail and faded. A large plastic tub began to fill with their remains, to be sadly discarded in the woods (yet I'm thankful for the beauty they offered, like a gift, during their prime ).

The interior has retreated back to its normal state for the most part. The crystal pieces ended up staying out and were moved around a bit; displayed now sans greenery while offering a Wintry look appropriate for January.

So, have you found it bitter-sweet to undo all of your holiday doings? I'm glad to get things somewhat back to normal but can't help feeling a bit sad to see it gone.

The crystal remains.  The bowl of bells seem fitting yet with their snowflake design.

Bye, bye greenery.   Note my two recent additions.  A large pedestal vase (center)
and the small footed-bowl with lid at right.  My $5.00 total finds! 

Somewhat back to normal.  No grapevine tree in the left corner.  :-(

Frugal finds continue displaying well during the season.


  1. Bittersweet words..the greenery is always like magic, but alas "tis the season" ends too soon! They crystal still has a hauntily lovely effect "sans" the green. Your creative talent and idea's made your site's magical..again thanking you for such an informative blog/site.

  2. Thanks for your continued support NonnaG!


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