Monday, September 26, 2011

Vintage Tools As Decor

Well, I've been "promoting" the use of old wooden vises as decor in my home so why not stay on the "tool trend".  I saved this old, rustic level of my father's and decided to finally put it to use.  I like the unique star cut-outs on each end and wonder about their significance.  It is a nice addition to the repurposed milk can and wooden boat implement in this living room's corner.

I had a few other ideas so it may find a new home..  I placed it long-ways down the center of my "new" kitchen table, setting it upright so you see the star detail.  It created a cool center element of rustic appeal on the wooden table top.  I also thought it would look neat placed or over a doorway, like an architectural, decorative feature.  The tabletop placement was my favorite, so when I grow tired of the wooden bowl of pods (see the table pics in previous posts), perhaps I'll introduce it.

Do you have a love of old rusty implements and tools? Share what you've done.

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  1. Hey Frugal Blog, nice updated page's really like the flow of creative idea's..nice work :)


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