Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Back In Action

Well, the Frugal Tree "got shook" by hurricane Irene.  Water in the basement and no electricity for 5 days made blogging and computer work impossible.  Thank goodness I could take up temporary residence with my parents.  Lots of tree debris littered the property and I finally got things back to normal by Friday.

I did however manage to throw together a cool decor piece for my kitchen.  I visited a local flea market in search of some vintage canning jars with lids and found what I wanted to fill a small wooden cheese box given to me by my sister.

I at first wanted three jars of the same height, each being of a different make.  I could not find three of the same size so ended up running back for the 3rd larger jar which actually fit perfectly.  The result was better than my initial plan and I really like the look.

This quick project, which you can easily do, cost about $8.00.

The jars are by 1)Presto, 2)Ball, 3)Atlas  (I even found matching name-embossed lids for the Ball and Atlas jars!)

These jars if used in a kitchen could each be filled with a different item such as dried pasta, elbow macaroni, dry lentils or beans, even used for flour and sugar storage or any other decorative accent feature you may want to place within.  I personally like the empty jar look right now so will leave them in that state for awhile.  These definitely provide more character than any newly purchased kitchen canister set.


  1. Creative use of vintage tools. Like this a lot


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