Sunday, September 25, 2011

A Kitchen Style Mix

Most who know me understand my love of mixing different styles together while still obtaining a sense of cohesion.  Well, yesterday I finally switched out my small kitchen dinette set of 14 years.  This little set is great, clean-lines, contemporary and simple.  I really liked it but kept an old farm-type table from my father's estate.  I finally got around to cleaning it up a bit (some sanding and staining) and got it moved into place yesterday.  

What a welcomed difference.  The darker color provides the contrast that was lacking with the other set which seemed to blend too well with the flooring and wainscoting.  The vintage vibe still works well with the contemporary and organic elements I love to infuse in my spaces.  Do you like the updated look?

Stay tuned as I need to figure out what type of chairs I'm going to add to this table as none were with the set. I'm currently thinking of saddle-seat stools that can push totally under to keep the open feel of the space.



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