Sunday, September 25, 2011

Autumn Candle

I saw a similar idea for this candle online but they used fabric leaves instead.  Since I have no intentions on burning this candle, I decided to use some free leaves laying on my front porch and walkway.

My mom gave me an old, wooden candle-holder that was being thrown out from one of our local thrift stores. The base was loose but only needed a bit of wood glue on the dowel that seated it.  I placed two leaves under the candle for a cool look.  The other leaves were simply wrapped onto the candle with a bit of jute twine.  Nice, autumn colors.  We'll see how the leaves do.  They have already begun curling up a bit from drying.  Hopefully they retain their current colors.  I can easily switch them out with some "new" leaves every week if necessary to keep this display looking nice.  Actually the curling look of the leaves adds a bit of interest and dimension so far that I like.

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  1. Beautiful, free leaves for decorating project's, I like to wrap gifts with brown craft paper and decorate the wrapped box with leaves and pinecones using my glue gun. The results are eye catching and unique.

    Your candle idea is very colorful and best of all inexpensive..keep it coming!


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