Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Early Autumn Table Display

It's easy to throw a nice looking, festive display together to celebrate the holidays or to dress up your table for guests. This linear arrangement emphasizes the length of this narrow console table. Minus the black wooden bowl which I already had, the display cost $7.00. Not bad, eh?

For a more minimal yet modern take, you could use pumpkins only, in a straight line. Pick those with a similar size. Or, put a larger one in the center if you like and size them gradually smaller as they move outward. This design would still look contemporary and clean.

A dollar bag of fabric leaves from Christmas Tree Shop creates a "runner" of sorts and provides some extra fall color. Deep reds and gold are used throughout this kitchen already so this display coordinates nicely.

BTW, these bags of pumpkins and gourds were just under $3.00 a piece at Walmart. I don't normally think of that store as a place I'd purchase my pumpkins and gourds as I usually purchase from local farms, however, in jiffy and for a good price I thought I'd grab them and get a jump-start on the Autumn decorating.

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  1. Love the Fall Colors! Really shows up nice against the black table top.


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