Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Springtime Driftwood Table Display

The introduction of Spring always seems to put a smile on my face. Bulbs start peeking through the earth and colors start reappearing in nature. Despite the mini snow storms we keep having here in Eastern PA, milder weekends have been creeping in every now and then. I managed to get out one particularly nice Sunday and decided to take a walk along the river. I found a lot of driftwood washed ashore from the recent high waters produced by melting snow and rain showers.

One particular piece of driftwood caught my attention so I decided to bring it home 
(like many others before - some of which have yet to make a debut).

My "Frugal" Driftwood Table Display 
Welcomes Spring with Ease!

I love the numerous cut branches protruding around the central limb . . . 
. . . all with the same wonderful, faded, weathered-look and smooth finish.

Natural, organic goodness

This great piece of wood established the central element of a simplistic Springtime driftwood table display.  A large round river stone and some pops of "Springy" green from my moss spheres provide a wonderful, natural look, while Mr. Pier1 Rabbit (appropriately made of carved wood) provides a touch of Easter during the holiday.

If you like the moss spheres, see how I made them 
by visiting my post on creating a mini topiary accent.

It took me about 5 minutes to put this together (not including the making of the spheres) and I'm really enjoying it!  I was going to look for some unique wooden eggs or was contemplating making some of my own in paper mache from plain brown craft paper.  However, I decided to keep it simple.  I still like the idea of the craft paper eggs, perhaps for another location in the home, so I may have to give that a shot yet.

Anyway, here's to the new season!  
I hope you are all welcoming Spring into your homes!

For more frugal and earth-friendly decor ideas, 
visit my website page on Green Decorating.


  1. The textures and colors of the natural elements you chose look lovely together.

  2. Lovely vignette! I love the driftwood you found.

  3. Very nice the drift wood really makes it all stand out..nice display :-)


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