Sunday, April 28, 2013

Repurposed Burn Barrel Plant Stand

I finally got around to "redoing" the front entry for Spring 2013. In the past, I have used inverted birdbaths to create height for plants in this corner. Since I've done that a few times before, a change was needed; perhaps something a bit more in-your-face.

Repurposed Burn Barrel
Rusty patina barrel repurposed as a massive plant stand.

This barrel, found on the property, was never actually used for burning.  In fact, both ends are intact but the contents are long gone.  Going this route provided a bit more rustic-industrial design.  I didn't like the openness of the fern's pot sitting atop the barrel, so I arched an old grapevine swag around the front half to mask it.  The grapevine adds an organic touch that plays off the river rocks surrounding the base.

Speaking of grapevine, my first idea for this barrel was to fully wrap it with grapevine.  I have a huge doorway arch that I created a few years ago with fresh vine, but it simply got too dry and was unworkable for wrapping around the barrel.  I'd still like to give that a shot at some point.

To the right of the barrel, I located three varying height pieces of scrap wood which I bundled together with rope. These pillars provided the perfect location for my house-numbered wine bottles. (Option: paint larger house numbers on the barrel instead - vertically would really look neat!)

House-Numbered Wine Bottles
House numbers painted on old wine bottles.
(I take these in each night to inhibit water getting inside - I could cork, but I like the open, simple look)
Invert them instead (before painting) and you can stick the neck in the ground as the display support. 
See how I made my numbered wine bottles here.

Leaning against the barrel is an old truss fence post I found alongside the road.  It has cut-out pockets and holes where other members or beams would have attached.  Those cut-outs could be neat for future creative uses.

Repurposed Chimney Pot
A chimney pot, placed on the ground, is filled with dirt and new annuals.
For a less messy approach, place enclosed containers or planters within (this is what I did when it was on a deck).

How fitting that a chimney topper, often referred to as a "pot", is reused as a pot for plants!  I did this a few years ago on my back deck but seeing as I have two, I decided to flank them on each side of the main entry this year. I think the terra-cotta color stands out nicely against the gray-brown hues of the stone columns (and it ties-in with the rusty stuff I have dotted around the property - like the burn barrel!)

Repurposed Items Galore!
The spring 2013 front entry

Besides repurposed chimney pots as planters, old landscaping beams were cleaned up, stained espresso, and span from column to column.  Pieces of scrap metal were used to create my "Dwell" entry sign.  An old galvanized pail with a rusty patina has been placed atop the beams and houses some Begonias; its central location really makes an inviting statement!

See how I made my "Dwell" scrap metal sign here.

Rock Stairs
Large stones create steps to an upper-level outdoor living space.
Yeah, not really a "repurpose" or anything out-of-the-ordinary, but I wanted to share this picture since I just mulched yesterday and it was not the most exciting chore in the world.  I really love how vibrant the greens pop against the dark brown mulch, however.  Three planters offer a nice visual statement and provide some early-year color with Begonias and Impatiens.  Another old fence post (given to me) has been placed on a rock wall as another element (for now).  I like its faded, weathered finish with some mossy-green growth.  

I hope your outdoor spaces are well underway and are coming together nicely.  I have lots more to do to get "caught-up."  Heck, I still have leaves to rake in some parts of the property.  YIKES!  For now, I'm enjoying the way the front entry is shaping up and am loving my rusty repurposed burn barrel plant stand!


  1. Great outdoor space! I love how you re-purposed things and made them pretty with flowers. I am all about upcycling! I also wanted to stop by and thank you for your comment on my board and batten wall.

  2. Oh my gosh your front entry is dream worthy!

    1. Thanks Jennifer. You made me chuckle with the "dream worthy" part. :-) I'm glad you think so! Enjoy your weekend!

  3. WOW!! Everything looks the bottle house numbers too. Very clever!

  4. Wonderful repurposes. They add such charming interest to your landscape. Great curb appeal.

  5. John, your yard looks amazing. Love all the stone elements. You are one creative and busy guy. Love how you repurpose and reuse. We all need to do more of that and now with it being Chic instead of just frugal it can be fun and creative. Signing up to follow you. Excited to browse around and see what other ideas you have to share. Have a great weekend.

    1. Thank you so much Wanda - yes, a busy guy indeed! This time of year keeps me going non-stop so it seems, but I sure love how nice everything starts to look outside as the season progresses and get things more caught-up around the property. Enjoy your day!


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