Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Diamond in the Rough: Foreclosed Property

I'm always on the search for great properties, and foreclosures are super ways to get your hands on a home that may otherwise be out of your price range.

I recently happened upon a property that has me considering a move.  I find myself in this predicament a lot lately, as I have been wanting to move for the past year or two now.  Great places disappear quickly if you don't act quickly.  With that in mind, I decided to post some pics of this great property, so I can stare at them and maybe make a decision before it's too late.

Super style.  Yep, the roof leaks and there is some interior damage from it.
Nothing too involved or costly to fix, however.

A great winding driveway!

I love the distance from the main road; it is much needed since the road gets a bit more traffic than I desire.

The proximity to the backyards of neighboring homes.  I always take this in to consideration.  A row of evergreens would surely remedy this view and provide a more cozy, private environment. 

I wanted to make sure the place had cable versus satelite only.  I was impressed with the massive outdoor lighting transformer.

Right side view.  A large rear deck area with built-in bar.  Main "side" entry to home.

Sloped backyard, but nice wooded side of property - both left and right.

The back portion with the skylights is actually a large screened-in room.  French doors connect it to the main home.

The left-side: This is the lone bedroom on the main floor.

More of the screened in room: perfect for family get-togethers and eating "outside" without the hassle of insects!

The cool "cabana area" with built-in tiled bar top.  A super spot for guests to hang.

I love practicality and this built-in bench utilizes this space well. Perfect outdoor seating.

Other side of the bar.  Great lantern-style light over the area which is repeated among the rest of the outdoor lighting.

Inside the screened-in back room.  Love the skylights and fan.

French doors from the screened-in room to the main living area of the home.

Peeking in the main side door: opens to the kitchen/dining area, hallway and lower-level stairway.

Another view: the main great room with its many windows is seen beyond.
Some plaster damage/debris on the floor from the ceiling/roof  leak.

Kitchen: Not huge, but doable.  Needs some updating

More lantern lighting.  I had this style of lighting at my city townhome and always loved the looks of it.

Great Room: Water damage visible on the walls and floor.  How sad.
But this place can be made to shine again with a little effort.

The balcony isn't overly functional.  I could see placing some plants up there...maybe some "hidden" speakers.
It is mostly aesthetic. 

I had to get the awesome over-sized acorn-esque mosaic chandelier in this pic!  How cool is that thing?
I took all of these pics through the windows, so they are not the greatest.  Wow, what a fireplace!
The stone is so-so; not really what I'd choose, but it works with the style of the home.

Blasted screens!  This is the lone bedroom on the main living level.  It is listed as a one bedroom home, but I believe a room in the "basement" has already been converted into a bedroom - or easily could be.

Overlooks farmland.  I love how the home is up away from the main road.  Much more private feeling.

A peek into the bathroom. This herringbone tile pattern runs through the kitchen and hall too.
I actually like the cohesion and style of this flooring throughout.

A view of the left side backyard area.  Nice stacked stone landscaped walls to define areas.

I wanted to be sure to get a good shot of the log and "stone" foundation together.

Nice deck to sit out upon. 

Lots of landscaping potential.

I like this main entry area.  Great specimen shrubs and trees have been chosen already.

Trying to get a feel for what it would be like if I lived here - my truck in the drive!  Plenty of parking area.  No garage but I could see placing a two-door garage right where that grass starts.  It would be convenient to drive straight up into it!


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