Friday, September 19, 2014

From Tool Chest to Coffee Table

This repurposed tool chest turned coffee table could possibly be the best find I've happened upon at an antique marketplace (when you see the price, you'll understand why). I found it while looking for some old salt-glazed crocks. The weathered and chippy finish of the chest, along with the color, kept pulling me back over to continually check it out. I almost left with the crock alone, yet continually thinking - I should get that chest! So, I turned around and went back for it. 

This wonderful item was marked down from $12 to $7.00. How could you go wrong? The rustic heavy-duty hardware alone was worth that!  The floor of the chest was a bit loose and a corner slightly damaged, but as a coffee table, it was perfect!

Learn more about my "new" coffee table at frugal-interior-design's 

Other repurposed coffee table photos, like the one below, can be seen there too!

Simple Crate-Style Coffee Table from Scrap Wood

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