Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Timeless Modern Style

Sounds like an oxymoron of sorts doesn't it?  Is modern decorating timeless? While many may intertwine the terms modern and contemporary (I do it myself all too often), there is a difference. Contemporary being "of the now" can eventually become outdated. At some point in "its time" however, it was all the rage.

 Modern style exhibits certain characteristics that, well, never go-out-of-style. Clean, linear pieces, reflective surfaces, monochromatic color schemes and simplistic styling keep modern spaces looking up-to-date for years and years . . .  perhaps forever.

 Case in point, the "contemporary" home on the set of Sleeping With the Enemy staring Julia Roberts (1991).  Some classify the home as contemporary but I'd call it modern personally.  This movie was on today, and although I've been in love with the home (at least the interior) since I was 18 years old, I really began noticing the perfection of modern styling in this home.  The set is practically timeless and lives up to today's standards in many respects.

Brushed-aluminum range hood, horizontal door pulls and simple styling.

I was somewhat amazed to see horizontally placed hardware (door pulls) on kitchen cabinets, glass vessel sinks in the bathroom, and what appeared to be a black shag leather rug in the living room.  Of course modern furniture always looks "modern" and you can't go wrong with black shiny stuff!  It was the smaller details however, such as those aforementioned that really struck me as "in vogue" now - 21 years later.

Modern good-looks!  Black, chrome, glass and sculptural elements - how can you go wrong?
Perhaps a bit too stark and cold for some, but ever so "COOL" nonetheless!

Does this mean those items and styles have now fallen into the "contemporary category" and will eventually fall victim to an out-dated look?  I certainly hope not.  But for now, I'm ready to throw some horizontal pulls on my cabinet door fronts and get myself a dark-colored "contemporary" shag rug for my family room!


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