Sunday, August 19, 2012

Repurpose a Door

There are numerous ways to repurpose a door. We've seen it done countless times. Regardless of this fact, I never grow tired of seeing them reused - even if in similar, repurposed ways.  This is probably because each door is unique and brings "new" character to any space, helping to define an intended style.

Doors repurposed as coffeetables.

You can repurpose a door as a coffeetable which is one of my favorites!  Using old doors as any type of table top is super.  A large dining table looks especially great when crafted from a chunky old barn door. Narrower antique doors are ideal for console and accent tables. You can simply create legs with modified saw-horses for a utilitarian rustic look.

A rustic door creates a  console table top.  I love that the old hardware is intact.
This particular style table leg assembly is available at Ikea.
How cool are those cases beneath the table?

Ikea supplies numerous tresles (similar to saw-horses) and other various table legs which are simple to attach.  Those shown here are just a few of the many options available. 


Do you need some clever wall art? Repurpose a door as a unique focal on a wall

Use chalkboard paint on the inset panels or cover them with cork to create a
funky-chic day planner to accompany an equally chic industrial desk!

Wall art as a floating headboard.
A mirror replaces the original window glass of this vintage door.


They look especially neat as headboards too. 
 I've seen this done in so many ways and again, it always looks cool. 

The imperfectly "matched" set of doors in this space provides a relaxed, casual look.


Of course the simplest way to repurpose a door is to display it in a room as an architectural feature.
 Simply lean it up against a wall and enjoy!

A corner element in a rustic-chic bathroom.
Use this idea to build in a corner cupboard for extra storage in small spaces.

Stained glass, brass hardware, solid wood = Perfection!

My sister and brother-in-law decided to keep the front door from their previous residence for use at their new home.  It has been in storage in their garage for the past several years.  I recently suggested they bring it inside to enjoy until plans are made to get it fitted to their existing front entry.  It's nice to appreciate the beauty of this door once again - now flanking a chaise in their living room.

Rustic Good Looks!  A door repurposed as an architectural element.

Nothing is better than finding an old door along the side of the road, such as the case with this door.  My mother saw it out for trash and immediately called me to rescue it.  Regardless of the rainstorm occurring at the time, I jumped in my truck and went on the treasure hunt.  I wasn't disappointed.  A little mineral oil and it was good to go.  I had plans to make this a table but seeing as I haven't gotten around to that yet, I decided to display it in my family room.

It fits neatly in an odd little alcove (a trouble spot) for this room which will eventually be built-in shelves.
It provides a certain balance to the barn beam console and steamer trunk .

Did you repurpose a door in a clever way?  I'd love to hear about it!


  1. Wow, thanks for putting this together. I really enjoyed it. I haven't re-purposed a door but am planning to next summer. It's a door from our 100+ year old carriage house. Hubby needed it to be more secure as it is now our garage. It will be used as a potting table. Found you at Nifty Thrifty Sunday.

    1. Hi Lori. Thanks for the nice comment. Good luck with your door-turned potting-table project. I know that it going to look neat! Glad you stopped by!

  2. I think you have the perfect spot for the door. It's just lovely. I also like your console! Great ideas!!!

    1. Thanks! It has been moved from room-to-room three times but I'm happy with it at its current location (for now).

  3. I have tons of old doors, and I never thought to use one as a side table! I am checking my stash today for which one. I never thought to use the stands from Ikea either!! Perfect tips, love them all. Thank you for sharing. Visiting from A-Z. -K

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