Thursday, May 31, 2012

Restoration Hardware Inspired Table Display

Well, I finally honed in on a cool compilation of items for my repurposed saucer sled. If you recall, the organic spheres in my last post were a quick fix and really didn't make the statement I wanted to achieve.

Those who are familiar with Restoration Hardware know they are big on minimalism. Does that make sense? They are also "big on" . . . well BIG things. Over-sized focal elements sprawled across cool, reclaimed, industrial pieces now posing as coffee-tables are the norm. Giant light fixtures that had prior lives hanging in factory setting are now trendy floor lamps for chic living rooms.

My saucer sled reminds me of a large bowl I'd expect to see on a RH coffee-table; in my case, on a dining table. Within it, an old piece of thick rope (another repeated accent RH loves throwing into the mix), a vintage, gallon jug and a metal orb made from scrap metal.

How much did this display cost? Well, a free sled, a $2.00 piece of rope from a second-hand store, a $1.00 gallon jug from another second-hand store and a metal orb I made from free scrap. Hmmm, RH may be unhappy to hear this cost me $3.00. I think a similar, recreated ensemble such as this by RH would retail in the hundreds. Nevertheless, they do amazing things and I sure love pulling inspiration from them!

Keep inspiring me with your cool industrial ideas Restoration Hardware!


  1. You made a nice display, and you sure can't beat that price! Eat your heart out RH!

  2. Once again a nice "RH" inspired display..makes an interesting view. Affordable & creative! Thanks for the updated info & views.


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