Saturday, May 12, 2012

A Repurposed What?


Organic Accents

Do I need a giant cup to go with my giant saucer?  Yes, another reclaimed item and yes, again from the woods.  What the heck is with people disposing of their old contents so inappropriately?  Why am I complaining?  I have gotten too many cool things lately to complain.  Their junk = My treasure I suppose.

I found this many months ago.  It has a lot of authentic scuffs and dents from its prior life as a sled.  I actually brought it home with the intent of making it a giant, industrial clock.  I'm still planning on doing that but for the time being (haha)  I decided to put it to use rather than simply storing it.  (I'm still looking for giant clock hands.)

I'm getting a little bored with the same spherical accents (as shown above) but that was all I could scrounge-up for staging.  I think a ton of green apples would look visually stunning displayed within . . . or perhaps a bunch of artichokes.  Hmmm, how many apples can I consume?

For now it is a much needed change from my bark bowl and its oversized-ness (I create words when I need to) demands attention. So, what would you display within this centerpiece? Pinecones? Lots of multiple height candles? Glass orbs? (I'm keeping my eyes peeled for the later!)

Until Next Time . . . Happy Repurposing!

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  1. A repurposed what?? Nice idea, the clock thing would be great too! Who would of thought, a saucer sled, "repurposed" for a new table view, like it :)


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