Sunday, April 22, 2012

Happy Earth Day 2012

Despite a hectic month of outdoor projects (still in-process and which I'll share soon), I had to take a moment to wish you ALL a Happy Earth Day 2012!

Today you can recycle a plastic bottle, conserve water usage, pick up litter and dispose of it properly, plant a sapling or visit and join the Arbor Day Foundation.  Most of these you can do daily.

Every Little Bit Helps!

Please visit my pages on Green Living for more info on how you can help OUR WORLD

Earth Day Every Day

Thanks to all who Upcycle and Repurpose and there are a lot of you!  We are making a difference just by doing what we enjoy!  Keep up the great work.  I love seeing your ideas!

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  1. Every little bit does help. Thanks for the info.


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