Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Green For Spring

The color green always signifies Spring and its arrival. This refreshing color however seems to have a soft-spot in my heart year-round. I find it soothing, comforting, welcoming and I know I'm not alone.

Green has been a top color for designers and decorators and has been prevalent in the home decor industry for the past couple years. Its growth (haha) doesn't seem to be waning either as evidenced by this recent advertising image from Wisteria . . .

"Bugs" are still a trendy motif and theme and I'm loving it!

. . . and this catalog cover they also are promoting.
I love fern prints and am glad to see they are still in vogue.  I've been using them for many years.
White against green walls looks wonderful doesn't it?  

As more and more people become "hip to" and embrace the subtle yet crisp beauty green offers, I expect we can see it sticking around for a long time . . . and I'm FINE with that!!!


  1. My color, love the "Green Theme," you could not have discribed the "Green" color any better. My thoughts exactly. All those spring & summer colors too look forward to. Thanks Frugal :)

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