Saturday, February 4, 2012

Scrap Metal Madness

I went scavenging for scrap or "raw materials" for my projects again and found this cool, wiggly, wavy metal that was previously some decorative fencing element.

See the pile amassed in my basement? I also found two heavy-duty iron stakes with a typical detailing that looks architectural. They have a great rusty, weathered patina too. I can't wait to figure out how to use these buggers. Anybody have a blow-torch I could borrow? . . .  (LOOK OUT!!!)

So in sticking with something a bit easier to handle, I decided to start working with the wavy metal elements. I cut them to a few different lengths, ground off the sharp edges with my handy Dremel and began laying out a pattern which I then affixed to a glass vase.

I placed burlap around the bottom of the vase before applying the metal pieces. I figured it would act as an anchoring material to keep the metal from slipping and sliding around. A bit of hot glue helped secure them in place and later, jute twine was added for extra security.

My latest candle holder incorporating scrap metal

I love the wavy, metal pieces. They kinda give it a modern feel. I guess you'll be seeing more "wavy metal creations" as I have a pile of that stuff to use up now! :-)


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  1. Wow that's very creative. I would have thought to use that. It looks beautiful. :)

  2. lol I meant I would have NEVER thought to use that. :) I'm not creative enough to think of stuff like that. :p

    1. Oh, you're creative in your OWN WAY Karla. In ways I would never think of myself. Thanks for the nice comments and for stopping by again!!! :-)

  3. Beautifully done! I'm lucky enough to have a Welding Man in the house and I'm showing this to him, stat. Love how creatively you used those really unique pieces of metal. The rusty patina is gorgeous.

    1. Hi Ann. I love those rusty-patina metal pieces too. I appreciate your nice comment and am glad you stopped by for a visit!

  4. Love this updated info...very nice :)

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