Thursday, February 23, 2012

Roadside Reclaimation

While driving home from running errands on Tuesday I happened upon a "roadside-furniture castaway". I did a quick drive around the block and pulled over to give it further inspection. I figured I would take it home as a project if it wasn't "too far gone".

A mobile, kitchen island with a broken/missing door, broken wheels, a banged up front mesh door insert and general grubby-greasiness. YUCK!

I plopped it into the bed of my truck and off I went, only 2 minutes from home, with a new project! (don't I have enough going on already?)

I immediately began working on it and cleaning it up (which took quite awhile).

I removed and cleaned all the hardware. I figured I could always purchase new hardware pending how well the current pieces cleaned up.

I removed the wheels and decided not to replace them with newer, functioning wheels, but to rather let it sit as a stationary island piece.

A new wire screen insert

The damaged door insert was removed and I began taking it apart to get the old damaged screen material removed. I pried off the wooden framework holding the screen in place (carefully), got the screen out and then cut a piece of mesh wire (like chicken wire, left over from my holiday topiary projects) to size and inserted it.  I got out the hot glue gun and ran a bead of it one side at a time, pressing the removed wood pieces back into place and sandwiching the new "screen" between. That came out rather well.

Wood "buttons" added where they were missing
A bunch of wooden plugs/buttons were missing so I bought a bag of them at the hardware store and glued them into place.

Various sized corks (available at hardware stores) create great plugs for wood furniture!
Where the second door went was an upper and lower bushing for the pin hinge. I popped out the bushing and was left with a hole. How to finish it off? Ahhh, a small cork will fit in just fine. I cut a small amount off so it would sit flush, added a bit of Elmer's wood glue and pushed it into place. Perfect!

Well, here it is, sitting in my kitchen. I'm probably going to sell it.  However, if I do decide to keep it, it will most likely get a black wash, distressed finish as the birch wood-tone is too light for the other woods in my kitchen.

Does it look O.K. with one door?  I think it sorta looks like it was meant to be. I like how the upper shelf is slatted. The grooves between each slat are perfect for bottles.

 All in all, a quick "up-do" that took about three hours and turned out quite well.

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  1. Hey Frugal, now thats a find! I too love to gather "throw away" treasures and try to reclaim their usefullness..this looks amazing and oh so functional. If the previous owner saw this repurposed, reused newer version of their discarded item, I"m sure they would gladly want it back..Nice Job.

    1. I'm getting used to it in my kitchen, so there it may stay!

  2. It turned out great! I do like that it has just one door! Reading the comment above from NonnaG, sometimes I think it would be fun to take a picture of someone's trash turned to our treasure and drop the picture off at their front door. :)


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