Saturday, January 5, 2013

Repurposing an Old Window

A new year is a time for change, and what better a time to do a little redecorating? After putting away holiday decor, I often get motivated to move things around for a new look. I guess I'm lucky to have this interest in repurposing old items - folks (friends, family, etc.) often think of me when they have something they want to dispose of.

  "Hey, do you think you could use this for one of your projects?" 

I have to admit, I have gotten some pretty "neato" things in this manner, 
 such as my recent freebie: an old basement window

With its cool rusty hardware . . . 

. . . and weathered old wood with authentic chippy paint (it's even one of those retro green paint colors we all seem to love)

Many Ideas Emerge!

My first was to hang it vertically on the wall with some artwork placed behind the existing glass panes.  If I go this route, I'll undoubtedly rework the paint color to perhaps a rustic white- or black-wash of some sort.  Of course, then that unique old paint color goes bye-bye.

Sometimes simplicity is best!  

I've seen folks take old windows such as these and turn them into trays for table tops.  I like the look but was feeling lazy today, so I decided to go a bit more basic--use it as it is!

I'm liking this!

Having it totally devoid of any contents looked just perfect.  Of course, I had to mess around a bit. Seeing as I'm leaving the glass panes intact, lightweight items are a necessity for any additional elements.  About as heavy as I would venture to go was with the use of some upcycled wine bottles I painted to showcase my house numbers.  

Some big Pine cones align in a stately manner with stark "organic-ness."  I'm sure I'll be messing around with this for hours, but I know this repurposed old window will be getting its debut as this table's focal element--at least for a few months.  

Perhaps when I grow tired of the look, its next repurposed life may be a picture/artwork frame or a lift-up top for an accent table (another great way I've seen old windows upcycled!)

So, if you happen to see some old windows like these out for trash, snag em!  Old architectural pieces are truly works of art; at least in the eyes of the upcycling beholder!


  1. I agree! I love old doors too! Like the way you have it displayed!

  2. Nice usage for your "window find" never thought of using one as a decorative table tray. Great idea!

  3. Its nice idea to use the old door or window as decorative items. Replacing the old doors and windows is good, as change is good for life


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