Tuesday, June 28, 2011


A busy bee on my fading Salvia blooms
I was taking a walk outside to get a few new photos for the blog and couldn't help but notice all the buzzing and fluttering activity taking place.  The bugs were busy doing their thing.  I don't mind these bugs . . . even the spider.  The ones that stay busy working outside the home are more than welcome.  The ones that sneak into the house, that's another story.  I'm pretty merciful however but wish they'd just stay where they belong - - - outdoors.  The butterflies and bumble bees are my favorites to watch.  The occasional dragonfly shows up too and I saw a baby praying mantis a few days back hanging around my Wisteria.  I'll have to try to catch a shot of that little bugger. (pun, intended)

A long-legger spider catching a snooze? on a Beebalm leaf


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