Friday, November 7, 2014

Fall Decorating Ideas: Inspired by Leaves

Raking leaves may not be an exciting task, but using leaves in creative ways is always quite fun.  I enjoy fall and the changing colors, so using leaves indoors is a simple way to introduce those seasonal colors into your living space.  Find inspiration in LEAVES!

Super Simple Fall Decorating Ideas

Pin leaves to throw pillows (visit the main site to see more!)

Scatter leaves about.

Use natural elements to create indoor autumn table displays of earthy color.

Display leaves in vintage bottles.

Welcome guests with pumpkins and mums.

Read more about these projects and see other ideas at the 

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Diamond in the Rough: Foreclosed Property

I'm always on the search for great properties, and foreclosures are super ways to get your hands on a home that may otherwise be out of your price range.

I recently happened upon a property that has me considering a move.  I find myself in this predicament a lot lately, as I have been wanting to move for the past year or two now.  Great places disappear quickly if you don't act quickly.  With that in mind, I decided to post some pics of this great property, so I can stare at them and maybe make a decision before it's too late.

Super style.  Yep, the roof leaks and there is some interior damage from it.
Nothing too involved or costly to fix, however.

A great winding driveway!

I love the distance from the main road; it is much needed since the road gets a bit more traffic than I desire.

The proximity to the backyards of neighboring homes.  I always take this in to consideration.  A row of evergreens would surely remedy this view and provide a more cozy, private environment. 

I wanted to make sure the place had cable versus satelite only.  I was impressed with the massive outdoor lighting transformer.

Right side view.  A large rear deck area with built-in bar.  Main "side" entry to home.

Sloped backyard, but nice wooded side of property - both left and right.

The back portion with the skylights is actually a large screened-in room.  French doors connect it to the main home.

The left-side: This is the lone bedroom on the main floor.

More of the screened in room: perfect for family get-togethers and eating "outside" without the hassle of insects!

The cool "cabana area" with built-in tiled bar top.  A super spot for guests to hang.

I love practicality and this built-in bench utilizes this space well. Perfect outdoor seating.

Other side of the bar.  Great lantern-style light over the area which is repeated among the rest of the outdoor lighting.

Inside the screened-in back room.  Love the skylights and fan.

French doors from the screened-in room to the main living area of the home.

Peeking in the main side door: opens to the kitchen/dining area, hallway and lower-level stairway.

Another view: the main great room with its many windows is seen beyond.
Some plaster damage/debris on the floor from the ceiling/roof  leak.

Kitchen: Not huge, but doable.  Needs some updating

More lantern lighting.  I had this style of lighting at my city townhome and always loved the looks of it.

Great Room: Water damage visible on the walls and floor.  How sad.
But this place can be made to shine again with a little effort.

The balcony isn't overly functional.  I could see placing some plants up there...maybe some "hidden" speakers.
It is mostly aesthetic. 

I had to get the awesome over-sized acorn-esque mosaic chandelier in this pic!  How cool is that thing?
I took all of these pics through the windows, so they are not the greatest.  Wow, what a fireplace!
The stone is so-so; not really what I'd choose, but it works with the style of the home.

Blasted screens!  This is the lone bedroom on the main living level.  It is listed as a one bedroom home, but I believe a room in the "basement" has already been converted into a bedroom - or easily could be.

Overlooks farmland.  I love how the home is up away from the main road.  Much more private feeling.

A peek into the bathroom. This herringbone tile pattern runs through the kitchen and hall too.
I actually like the cohesion and style of this flooring throughout.

A view of the left side backyard area.  Nice stacked stone landscaped walls to define areas.

I wanted to be sure to get a good shot of the log and "stone" foundation together.

Nice deck to sit out upon. 

Lots of landscaping potential.

I like this main entry area.  Great specimen shrubs and trees have been chosen already.

Trying to get a feel for what it would be like if I lived here - my truck in the drive!  Plenty of parking area.  No garage but I could see placing a two-door garage right where that grass starts.  It would be convenient to drive straight up into it!

Friday, September 19, 2014

From Tool Chest to Coffee Table

This repurposed tool chest turned coffee table could possibly be the best find I've happened upon at an antique marketplace (when you see the price, you'll understand why). I found it while looking for some old salt-glazed crocks. The weathered and chippy finish of the chest, along with the color, kept pulling me back over to continually check it out. I almost left with the crock alone, yet continually thinking - I should get that chest! So, I turned around and went back for it. 

This wonderful item was marked down from $12 to $7.00. How could you go wrong? The rustic heavy-duty hardware alone was worth that!  The floor of the chest was a bit loose and a corner slightly damaged, but as a coffee table, it was perfect!

Learn more about my "new" coffee table at frugal-interior-design's 

Other repurposed coffee table photos, like the one below, can be seen there too!

Simple Crate-Style Coffee Table from Scrap Wood

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Thursday, February 27, 2014

Driftwood Floating Shelf

We'll call this a driftwood floating shelf, but it's not the typical driftwood that comes to mind.  A nature walk led me to this rustic relic, almost as though it was begging to be discovered and reused in a new, clever manner.

A weathered wooden beam found washed up along a river's edge gets a new use.

I have found and brought home many wonderful pieces of natural driftwood over the years.  In fact, I have some huge pieces in storage that I've yet to use.  If you walk around my home, you'll find various shapes and sizes propped up in corners and even placed upon tabletops as sculptural artist centerpieces.  I have a love for driftwood, there's no denying it.

From time to time, I find actual "man-made" hewn pieces like this - perfect for rustic furniture, fireplace mantels, or other repurpose projects. In fact, this piece got its first use in my home as a decorative doorway lintel!

Rustic driftwood beam used as decorative lintel over an interior doorway.

Despite loving the above look, I really wanted to try my hand at creating a floating shelf.  It wasn't tough; it just required an hour or so of time and the correct hardware.  A nice, simple project that yielded a great look!

This rustic beam works perfectly as a ledge for artwork!

The piece currently resides as the shelf seen above; however, I must confess missing it over that doorway.  I wonder if I'd be lucky enough to happen upon its twin on my next nature walk?  Let's hope for the best!

To see closer views of this piece and to read about the hardware I used to hang it, visit my page on Floating Shelf Ideas!

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Snowflake Tree on a Budget

LET IT SNOW, said the snowflake tree!!!

Clear acrylic snowflake and icicle ornaments light up and twinkle amid the glow of miniature string lights.

You never know when the mood is going to strike you to go in a different design direction with your holiday tree.  I don't know how many sets of ornaments I have for specific color and theme trees but it's a lot.  The fun thing is creatively mixing and matching and pulling from those not used for years to create a whole new look.

The cost of all new decor can add up quickly, especially if you like throwing in those special, more elaborate pieces.  Seeing as I wasn't up to spending much money on even more decorations, I began pulling out pieces from years past.  Some haven't been used in over 10 years and it was neat to see a theme (so to speak) start taking place.

Little frosted baubles and specialty lighting wrapped in spheres of silver wire, both from Target . . . icicle ornaments used on various trees . . . homemade wire and gem ornaments I made two years ago.  Yes, I was starting to see a design direction develop in color and them.  I knew what I wanted with my icicles . . . SNOWFLAKES!

In frosty iridescence, these snowflake ornaments were a bargain purchase at Dollar Tree!

Yes, snowflakes.  It's been done a million times before but it's always special when you do something "new" to you.  I remembered seeing a few large plastic snowflake ornaments at Dollar Tree so decided to check out their larger store closer to the city.  Wow, they had a whole little section of snowflake ornaments and related items.  For under 10 bucks I hauled home a boatload of snowflake stuff.  Big and small, clear and shimmering, dangling and setting within branches.  Everything came together nicely (and thanks to my mom for some of her former jeweled and crystal drop elements that she was no longer using - they added to the icy aura of the tree.

So, don't spend a ton on tree decor.  Check out the items at Dollar Tree or other dollar stores and use them as fillers or even pieces to showcase.  A mix of new and old can create a whole new look year after year!

A grand ornament that was given as a gift last year seems a fitting topper for my snowflake tree
with it's snowflake-like design, silver-metallic color and inset crystal-like elements.

See more of my Snowflake Tree at Frugal Interior Design!

I had fun using something unconventional as the tree base: A giant SPRING!

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Simple Autumn Decorating Ideas Around the Home

"Hello Falling Leaves" . . . 

It's no secret . . . Autumn is my favorite season and time of year . . . crisp cool mornings, the smell of leaves, earthy colors abound in nature. But back to leaves. It's so easy to draw inspiration from them and use them in your simple Autumn decorating - and of course, free decor is good!

I went a bit low-key this year, but here are a few of my Autumn-inspired ideas . . . SIMPLE!

Vintage bottles with a few leaves.  This is nice to display when having guests over.
However, the look doesn't last since the leaves dry out, so replenish with new leaves daily

Vintage pottery in earthy hues are nice to sit around the kitchen.
Pick up leaves of various shapes and colors that contrast well with your bowl and display them within!

A giant reed diffuser?  I guess it could be.  An old glass gallon jug displays something
I've never thought to use before - dried stalks from the ubiquitous orange tiger lily.

I never tire of the repurposed chimney pot turned planter.
The Summer blooms of impatiens and begonias have been replaced
with some vibrant yellow mums to usher in the season as well as visitors!

A second-hand wreath.  A friend recently moved and asked if I could use this.  "But of course!"
Autumn colors boldly display against a steel blue front door.

The chimney pots flank the entry with twin mums. Don't have chimney pots?
Get some low-cost galvanized pails at a hardware store for a clean, neat  look.

The peachy-orange blooms of the begonias from the chimney pots were still thriving, so they have been transplanted into the old barrel - coordinating nicely with the pumpkins.  

Au Naturale
My aunt sent me this pic of a wreath she put together.  I love that the entire thing is made
of natural, organic elements: baby Indian corn, small gourds, fallen leaves and a grapevine structure.

I hope you have all been enjoying the changing season 
and have been finding inspiration in the LEAVES!

See ideas from years past at 
frugal-interior-design - autumn decorating

More ideas coming soon!

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